Step-Daddy Teaches Step-Daughter Sex-Ed

Hey daddy! I wanted to talk to you about something… see, I learned some really neat things today in class! Well, this new teacher came in, and we had a special class today, all about sex-ed! And well… I don’t know… I’m just so confused about so many different things! I think I need… help… explaining things a little bit better. Is that ok, Daddy? Can I ask you some questions? Ok!

Well, one of the things ย that the teacher said, is that when boys get really happy, and they like a girl… well… I don’t know if I can say it! Can I say a naughty word? Well, their dicks get hard! Is that true? It is!? Oh wow! That’s so weird! What does that feel like? Does it feel weird? It feels good? Really? Well, the teacher said that also, when boys get happy and hard like that, they do things to themselves, or with other people, and… umm… well, I don’t know if I should be asking you these questions Daddy… but… I was thinking… you could teach me how to do those things to a boy I like!

I mean, I know I’m your step-daughter, and I’m not supposed to be doing those things with you but it’s just practice! Besides, I know you think I’m cute! I’m a big girl now! I should be able to learn these big girl things! You don’t want me going out in the world all clueless do you? Another thing that the teacher taught me today, is that girls can have fun too! He said that if you put your hands on your…pussy… and you rub it, it will get all nice and wet! So I was thinking… what if… you show me what a boy does… and I can practice what a girl does! Does that sound ok Daddy?

In this daddy-daughter taboo roleplay video I play your innocent young step-daughter who needs some help with her sexual education! She wants to see how you stroke your cock so she can learn how to do that to a boy she likes! At the same time, she plays with her pussy until you both cum together! Learning is fun!

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