Feet in the Air Masturbation

This feet in the air masturbation video is something a lot of my foot fetish fans have been requesting! I sit, reclined on my couch with my pussy spread and wrinkled soles scrunching and flexing in your face! Wearing red lipstick and a sensual black satin nightie, I take my little vibrator and tease my sensitive clit. I moan, looking right at you as my toes curl in pleasure from the vibrations. Finally, I explode in ecstasy, my feet wrinkling and flexing uncontrollably, right in your face!

Length: 8 minutes


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Montreal Sexplorations – Part 2 – Public Masturbation & Cum Play

After Dennis gave me a huge mouthful of cum in Part 1, I had an idea! Rather than just swallow it all down as usual, I let it spill out of my mouth and directly onto my bare smooth pussy! I was hoping to get his cum on my pussy on this trip anyway, and this seemed like the best way to do that! I rubbed in his cum all over my pussy, then got out my little mini-hitachi vibrator and played with that until I had a huge orgasm! A great way to end our Montreal Sexploration! šŸ˜‰

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Playing With Myself in the Car!

We had to go on a little road trip this week, so I thought it would be fun to get a little naughty on the way! I’m wearing one of my favorite sets of red satin bra and panties, which I show off for the camera a bit, then I pull out my awesome little mini hitachi vibrator and press it right against my clit! I’m constantly looking around to see if any of the other cars notice that I’m just sitting in the car in my underwear, and really hoping we don’t get pulled over! It doesn’t take long with my mini hitachi before I have a huge orgasm!Ā This is very raw candid footage since I shot myself using the GoPro!


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Masturbation for Step-Daddy 2

Hey Daddy! I’m so glad you’re back home from work! Come sit with me! I have so much to tell you! I had so much fun at school today! Today was the first day that the school started selling the dance tickets and I had a whole bunch of boys wanting to ask me to the dance to be their date! So you know what I did? Well, I made it a competition!

I figured that since they seemed to expect that I’d be giving my dateĀ a blowjob after the dance, I figured it’s only fair that theĀ person who can best finger me should be my date! I know, I’m such a naughty girl! So, I got them to all line up behind the portables in the yard, and one at a time they would come over and I would let them touch me all over! I know, I’m so bad, but I thought you would want to hear all about it!

*This taboo porn video features me as your hot young step-daughter in my schoolgirl uniform, telling you how much I’ve been a naughty schoolgirl letting boy after boy finger me at school! I get so horny telling you all this, that I can’t help but touch myself and then I cum thinking about how much I would rather have step-Daddy’s cock inside me instead of those silly boys!*


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