Secretary Inflates Implants to Get the Job

Hello! It’s so nice to meet you! I’ve been so excited waiting for your call! I was starting to think you didn’t like my resume enough to interview me again, but I’m so glad to hear that you do! I’m very excited to be your secretary! Oh, I didn’t have far to walk, I actually live just a couple blocks away, so I can walk to work every morning! And if you need me to stay late that’s no problem too! It’s not like I take any buses, so it’s never too late! So you have some questions for me? Ok!

Now there are some additional perks to hiring me as I’m sure you’ve noticed… you’ve been staring at my chest this whole time! Oh don’t worry, I don’t mind! In fact, my boobs are very special! I got inflatable implants installed! They came with this special remote that allows me to set them to whatever size I want! I can make them bigger, or smaller, depending on the occasion! And, if you hire me, you can have the remote so you can make them any size you want! They’re great for impressing clients, or just having some fun with after hours… So, did I get the job?

*In this breast expansion video, I play a girl interviewing to be your new secretary! You ask me a series of questions, but you start to notice that throughout the interview my boobs keep getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger! I catch you staring at them so I let you in on their secret, and once you hire me I give you the breast expansion remote so you can set them as big as you want! Now that I’ve got the job, maybe next time you can test them out in other ways…*


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