Breast Expansion Cream Needs Orgasms to Work!

While watching TV late one night, an infomercial for Super Size Breast Expansion Cream comes on. I look down at my own small breasts in my shiny satin nightie. Oh how I’ve always wanted big balloon boobs! I call immediately! After waiting what feels like forever, the package finally arrives! I pay no attention to the instructions and immediately slather on copious amounts of cream all over my breasts! 

Later, I’m awoken from my nap by throbbing pain in my breasts! I rush to read the label and realize that I’ve used far too much! The label suggests having an orgasm to relieve any breast pain. 

So I get nice and comfortable on the couch and go to work! I use my vibrator and give myself a huge orgasm! Suddenly, I feel different! I look down and low and behold my breasts have grown! They’re the size of melons, but nice and firm and perky! They’re already stretching my dress, but they still feel sore… 

I try to give myself another orgasm, but my vibrator is out of batteries! I think for a moment about how else I can give myself an orgasm before coming up with a great idea! 

The pizza guy shows up within 30 minutes and I greet him at the door. My breasts, shockingly huge, immediately attract his attention! I invite him in, then explain that I don’t have any money for the pizza, but that I would like to pay another way… 

I get down on my knees and give him a blowjob to get him ready to fuck me. My huge breasts press against his legs as I swallow his cock. Then I take him to the couch and have him fuck my brains out! My huge boobs bounce with every thrust! His cock makes me cum and my breasts grow yet again! By now they’re enormous so I have a little difficulty reaching his cock while my gigantic breasts press firmly against his legs! In the end I finish him off all over my big balloon boobs! 

This breast expansion story is 21 MINUTES LONG and includes a solo masturbation scene, a pov blowjob scene, a pov sex scene, cum on breasts and of course THREE breast expansions! Watch as I’m desperate to cum, making my breasts grow bigger and bigger to ridiculous proportions!

Length: 21 Minutes


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