Light Anal Play And Dildo Fucking


You know what gets me really wet…? Lightly teasing my tight little asshole…playing inside and outside of it… it just gets me so wet and horny I just have to rub my clit! Finally it’s all too much and I just need a hard cock inside of me so I take my lifelike dildo and fuck myself until I cum!

Length: 17 minutes

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FINDOM- I will dominate you with my perfect feet!


Watch out moneyslaves! It’s time to pay your dues! I will drain your wallet- and if you disobey me then I will stomp on your face! Your eyes will get squished by my toesies, and your skin will get pinched the wrinkles of my luscious feet if you don’t properly tribute me! How much will I take from you this time? Watch to find out!

Length: 4.5 minutes

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A Too-Good Edging Blowjob

You want a blowjob from me? Well you’ll get it, but you have to listen to MY rules! I tell you when you can cum and if you cum too early there will be consequences! I give a really great blowjob- too good in fact because my loveslave came too quickly in my mouth!

Length: 9 minutes