Meditation Masturbation JOI #29

Happy Meditation Monday Satyrs!

Today’s meditation is an energy releasing meditation! Relax and visualize all the tension from your day leaving your body through your cock!

The video I used for this meditation is Close-Up: Sensual Blowjob! Click here to watch that video without the mantra and meditation music!  

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Handjob With Breast Play

I love playing with oil, feeling the silky smoothness on my breasts, and especially on your cock. It makes it so much nicer to stroke and give you an amazing oil massage handjob. I squeeze your cock between my big soft tits and slide you up and down between them. I can feel your cock getting harder with each stroke! I rub my whole chest against your cock so that my tits rub against your balls and you can feel my nipples get harder. When I can feel your cock pulsing telling me how close you are, I speed up my strokes until you shoot a huge load of cum all over my chest. I love the texture it adds to the oil as I rub it around my boobs and of course I just have to have a taste!

*I love experimenting with the use of music in my videos, so I added a sexy porno-music track to this one! I’d love to hear what you guys think about it! :)*

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