I WANT BIGGER BOOBS AND NIPPLES! | Saffron’s Breast Expansion Show Ep 2!

Hey Satyrs!

Welcome to Saffron’s Breast Expansion Show where I try out different breast expansion products and techniques! This week is very special because Big Bob’s Breast Expansion has decided to sponsor us, and provide us with samples of their newest breast expansion products! Last time I wasn’t supposed to take all the treatments at once, so my breasts gradually got back to a smaller size. This time Big Bob’s promises that these treatments will also increase nipple size and sensitivity! So I’m going to record myself using each of these products, and updating you daily with my growth progress! Oh, and it seems that the product needs orgasms to take affect…so I guess I’ll be showing you guys that too!

This video was originally a custom commission from a special Satyr! If you’d like me to make a custom for you too, email me! Saffron@SexySaffron.com

In this breast expansion video I play a vlogger documenting trying to grow my boobs, any way possible, short of surgery! So I lotion up my breasts, then make myself cum, and I give you details about how my breasts (and nipples, and clit!) feel all along the way! They grow bigger each day, and I find myself strangely addicted to the feeling! As my breasts grow I notice other changes too…I’m so much hornier, my breasts and nipples are crazy sensitive, my clit is swollen and throbbing with pleasure and my inhibitions seem to be lowering by the minute! All I can think about now is how I’m going to get so much cock with my new huge boobies!

Length:  17 minutes


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