Premium Snap Post #029

Hey Satyrs!

So many of you have asked for us to start a Premium Snapchat so we’ve decided to start posting private snaps of my daily life, behind the scenes content, and even random blowjob snaps here and Onlyfans! I’m still going to continue to post some free nudes here and on Reddit, but there will be more intimate and exclusive snaps only available for members here! Click here to become a member to see ALL of my premium snaps & download my 500+ full length videos! 

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Cum On Stockings Footjob

Hey Satyrs!

This video was originally a custom commission from a special Satyr! If you’d like me to make a custom for you too, email me!

Oh darling, I can’t decide what to wear to my best friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner tonight! I want to look hot but I also don’t want to upstage my best friend at her own event…What do you think of these bright red high heels – too flashy? I thought so too, but I do still want to catch the attention of all the men that will be there! I know how much you love seeing me tease other men, knowing that I’m coming home to you! So will you help me pick out some stockings to go with this dress? 

In this stocking footjob video I play your wife, and we’re getting ready to go to an event together. You love seeing me wear stockings, so I ask for your opinion on which pair to wear to get just the right amount of male attention… I give you 4 options, slowly trying each on for you, posing in them, showing you how my legs and feet look in each one. All of them are thigh highs, one is opaque black, another is opaque white, a third is very sheer nude…and lastly, sheer black! I see your cock getting hard just seeing me in my sheer black thigh high stockings, so I decide we have just enough time to fool around before we have to go! I pull your cock out and tease it with my stocking feet…I add a little lube because I figure the bottoms of my stockings will be hidden by my heels anyway, and I know how much you love the feeling of slippery wet sheer stockings against your hard cock! We are running out of time and I can feel your cock throbbing for release, so I start stroking you with my hands at the same time as teasing you with my stocking feet. In the end you make a HUGE mess all over my stockings! But I don’t have time to change, and besides these are my best stockings! I figure it could be our naughty little secret…showing up to the event with my legs and feet covered in cum…probably no one will notice, but imagine all the men’s faces if they do notice? You know how much it turns me on to get attention like that…so much that I might just have to get my stockings even more covered in cum if you and I can find somewhere to sneak off to  fool around again!

Length:  23 minutes


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Teasing Step Brother with My Feet

OMG! Are you staring at my feet again! I can’t believe my step brother is so obsessed with my feet! Well get over here so you can get a better look! I bet I can get you to do anything for these feet! Hmmmm… give them a kiss! Ha! You actually did it!

Put some lotion on them! Mmmm… that feels good! At least I can get a foot massage anytime I want, even if it’s from my creepy step brother! I know my friend would love a foot massage, maybe I should invite her over so you can rub both our feet! OMG you’re such a pervert!

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