Daphne’s Foot Slave

I’ve got you now creep! I bet you didn’t think I could catch you but I did! Did you really think you could go around town wearing a mask scaring people, and get away with it? Nope! Not when I’m on the case! Now, you have two options: I can call the police and have them put you in jail for the rest of your life, or you can become my footslave and worship my feet for the rest of your life! So what’s it going to be? Good! Now get down on your knees and get real up close to the soles of my shoes. Aren’t they dirty? Now kiss them! Ahahahaha! How does it feel having to kiss a girls dirty feet? Just wait till I take these off and make you kiss my feet in these pantyhose that I’ve been running around all day in solving mysteries!

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Foot Domme 1


Watch as I tell you exactly how I used a loser and got him to give me all his money, his car, and his house without giving him anything! Instead, I put him inside my shoe so that he will forever be crushed under my soles. His face will get pressed and pinched in the wrinkles in my feet, his eyes will be crushed by my big toes… I own him now and he will never leave… careful or you just might be next!

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