Fuck Me In Yoga Pants!


I catch you staring at my pussy through my yoga pants- at first, I’m shocked! But then I decide to give you a little tease… You can even put your cock inside my sweet young tight pussy, I promise not to tell! Finally, you cum all over my ass and pussy, and I play with it, telling you I was just joking about letting you cum inside me! Now you’ve made a big mess all over my pussy and ass! Lotion was used in this video instead of cum by request.

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Foot Domme 1


Watch as I tell you exactly how I used a loser and got him to give me all his money, his car, and his house without giving him anything! Instead, I put him inside my shoe so that he will forever be crushed under my soles. His face will get pressed and pinched in the wrinkles in my feet, his eyes will be crushed by my big toes… I own him now and he will never leave… careful or you just might be next!

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