Sexy Witch Saffron Transforms You Into A Cockroach!

In this POV transformation fetish video, I play a hot girl at a party who sees your boyfriend and starts flirting with him! I don’t care that you think you’re his girlfriend, that’s irrelevant since I’m clearly so much hotter than you! Oh, you dare to talk back to me?! You’ll regret that! With a wave of my wand I transport us all back to my lair, and you realize that you’ve pissed off a powerful sexy witch! With each wave of my wand, you find yourself getting smaller and smaller… until you’re level with my feet looking up at me! Your body starts to get hairy and an exoskeleton forms on your skin! Soon you’ve got gross cockroach legs, and you begin to realize that this is your life now! Just another cockroach for me to step on! Scurry away while I take your boyfriend!

Length: 11 Minutes


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