Estrogen Cream Transforms You Into A Woman

I’ve manipulated my way into your family…slowly getting my way at your fortune. Everyone else in your family was easy to manipulate, but you, you were tricky. That is, until I found out that you were using my lotion to jack off with every day! That’s right, I’ve known for a while now…haven’t you noticed anything different about your body? I can see your budding breasts pressing against your shirt, surely you must have noticed that! And your skin, haven’t you noticed you haven’t needed to shave your face in a while? Every time you’ve jacked off with my lotion, it’s made you more and more like a woman! I replaced my lotion with illegal super powerful estrogen cream! You’ve been using it for so long now, that you’re just one wank away from being a woman forever! So go on, take out your cock and stroke it for me, cum for me! You just can’t help yourself! You’re going to be so pretty once that cock disappears! Then I’ll have all of your family money, and I’ll keep you around as my maid! 

In this POV gender transformation video I play a conniving woman who’s looking to steal your family money! Laugh at you and tease you, telling you exactly what’s going to happen to your body, and what your new life will be like. I pose on the bed in a short black dress, thigh high stockings and long gloves, I don’t get undressed but I encourage you to stroke and cum for me!

Length: 13 minutes


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