Saffron Says! Episode 4 – First Solo Episode! – JOI Games With Saffron!

Hey Satyrs!

Some of you have expressed interest in seeing more solo JOI videos – meaning it’s just me telling you how to stroke, without Dennis’ cock! So in this episode of Saffron Says, I do just that! Without a cock visible to distract you, I sit on my bed and tease you with my body, wearing my shiny red satin nightie, and tell you how I want you to stroke for me!

If you’ve never played Saffron Says before, it’s a Jerk Off Instruction game just like Simon Says – but I’m Saffron! So if I say “Saffron Says” you have to stroke just like I say! But if I don’t like “Saffron Says” and you follow my instruction anyway, you have to stop the video and start the game all over again! Click here to see all episodes of Saffron Says! 

Let me know what you think of this show and whether you had to restart the game!

Length: 13 Minutes


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