Rock Paper Scissors! Episode 2 – JOI Games With Saffron!

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a new game in my JOI Games With Saffron Series! Click here to see all my JOI Game videos!

This time we’re going to play Rock, Paper, Scissors! Since it’s a little difficult for you to play along, Dennis will play for you! I’m playing against you, so if I win, I’m going to tease you for 10 seconds, not letting you stroke! But if Dennis (you) win, I’ll tell you exactly how I want you to stroke for me while I suck Dennis’ cock! Ready to play?

In this JOI Games blowjob video I tease you over and over! I show off my breasts, rubbing Dennis’ hard cock all over them and giggling at how frustrated I’m making you! In between teasing you, I suck Dennis’ cock, making sure to count extra slowly to give you plenty of time to stroke!

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Length: 19 Minutes


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