Red Light Green Light – Episode 3 Ft. Lacey! – JOI Games With Saffron! Free-Release!

Since you guys liked this video so much, I thought I’d re-release it for free! 😉

Welcome to episode 3 of Red Light Green Light! Click here if you’d like to watch the full series!

This episode is a special episode featuring Lacey! I stroke Dennis, and tell you to follow along, as Lacey calls out “Red Light” and “Green Light” dictating when we can and can’t stroke (while she continues to touch herself with a vibrator)! I try to get Dennis to cum in between Red Lights and it’s a very fun edging challenge for the both of us! In the end I’m successful – Dennis is so worked up from all the edging that he explodes; shooting a huge load of cum into my mouth which I happily play with!

Length: 12 Minutes


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