Pills Transform Test Subject Into Lab Mouse

Oh hello! You must be the next test subject! Excellent! So you’ve filled out all the paperwork, and you know you’ll be getting $75 and a lunch voucher for participating, so let’s get started! Let’s start you off with this pill here…Oh, are you starting to feel a bit odd? Don’t fight it, that’s perfectly normal! Here’s the next pill…Hmmm…Subject is starting to display mouse-like characteristics! Oh don’t you worry about that, here’s another pill! There we go! Now, you may have noticed that these pills are starting to turn you into a mouse. Don’t fight it, it’s all part of the experiment. Soon you won’t be able to understand me anyway! Your mousy mind can’t understand anything! Maybe I’ll use that $75 to get you a cage for my lab, and give you a little piece of cheese instead of your lunch voucher!

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