Launchpad Unboxing & Test! – Sexy Satyrday – April 15th 2017

So I just recently got a Fleshlight! Make sure to watch our Fleshlight VS Blowjob videos to see how the Fleshlight compares to my blowjob skills! Along with the Fleshlight we got a Launchpad which fits right on the Fleshlight and holds your Ipad so that you can look down and really imagine that it’s me between your legs sucking your cock! For this week’s Sexy Satyrday show we decided to unbox the Launchpad and give you a demonstration! Let me know what you think and click here to get a Launchpad for yourself!

We’re also GIVING AWAY 1 Free Launchpad to a member! Just sign in or up as a member, then go to the Forum and leave a comment saying which of my videos you’re most excited to watch on the Launchpad and you’ll be entered to win! The winner will be chosen June 1st 2017! If you’re signed in as a member right now you can click here to enter! 

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Sexy Satyrday is a weekly live show on Twitter that replaces Sexy Snapchat Saturday! Click here to watch all the Sexy Satyrday shows! Click here to watch all the Sexy Snapchat Saturday shows!

Length: 5 Minutes


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