Daphne Plays with Your Precum – FREE-RELEASE!

Oh dear! I’m so sorry to intrude! I’m in grave danger and in need of a place to stay, can you help me? Oh! I would be so grateful if you would let me stay here for a while, is that ok? Thank you so much, that is very kind! Oh! Golly! I’m sorry to interrupt you! Can I help? I’ve not had very much experience in these sort of things, but I’m a good girl, and I’m always trying to please!

Oh wow! Hmmmm! Well, at the very least, this a good way to kill time, don’t you think? I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be pushy, but… do you mind if I have a taste? Are you sure? Oh, that’s so kind of you! Wow, this feels ever so nice!

*In this cosplay video, Daphne appears to you in a dream after you’ve been fantasizing about her and reading a comic book! She gets between your legs and innocently starts to lick your cock, amazed at how much precum she can tease out of you! She plays with it between her fingers before licking them clean! After 20 excruciating minutes of teasing, she sucks you into her mouth and you shoot a huge load that she happily gulps down!*

Length: 22 minutes


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