Cum Inflates Belly and Balls!

Oh honey! Our muscle growth formula has arrived! I’m so excited! I’ve been trying to pump up but nothing seems to work! Hopefully this will help! Hmmmm… it doesn’t taste too bad! Here, you have some too! Awesome, I hope this works!

– The Next Day –

Om nom nom! Oh! I can’t seem to stop eating! I eat and I eat, but nothing seems to satisfy me! I think the only thing that could satisfy me… is your cum! I’ve been thinking about giving you a blowjob all day, just so I could get a big drink of your cum! *zip!* *gulp!*

Oh wow! Your cum is so delicious! And what’s going on with my belly!? It’s huge! And your balls! They’re huge too! I didn’t know this was possible… but I think I like it! I need more of your cum! Do you think you can cum again!?

*In this belly and ball expansion video, I become obsessed with sucking your cock and drinking your cum! It seems to make my belly bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and your balls too! We both get huge! I swallow multiple huge loads that are so big that my cheeks puff out and I can barely keep it all in my mouth!*


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