Clara’s FIRST Lesbian Experience! Interview, Kissing & Mutual Masturbation!

Hey Satyrs!

This is the first video I shot with Clara Dee, and OH MY GOD it’s probably the hottest video we’ve ever shot, EVER! This also happens to be Clara’s FIRST EVER lesbian experience- she’d never even kissed a girl before me! I feel so lucky! Clara is not only so cute, but also has so much enthusiasm, and we have so much chemistry together, making out and masturbating with her was so hot! This video was supposed to be more structured, but honestly we just got to talking, and I realized the conversation was flowing so well, and everything she was saying was awesome, so we decided to leave it all in! So, this video starts with a little behind the scenes of us going over the questions I planned on asking her once we actually started the video and luckily Dennis was already filming so we got all her candid answers! Then, I try to compose myself (I’m getting excited just chatting with her!) and do an intro for the video. Finally, the most fun part- the masturbation! We start up our Hitachi Magic Wands, and she asks to touch my boob and make out with me! We get really into kissing each other- messing up our lipstick in the process! It doesn’t take long for us to get close to orgasm, I’m trying to hold off because she’s supposed to be the star of the video and I want her to cum first, but when she tells me she’s about to cum I can’t hold back and we have huge orgasms together! Honestly one of my biggest orgasms on camera ever! Afterward we’re both giggly and giddy, and I barely get through the outro I’m so overwhelmed from the orgasm!

This is a very raw, natural video, and I hope you guys like it! Make sure to watch to hear about Clara’s first sexual experience, what she likes in porn, and who her very first girl-crush was! If you want to see more of her, follow her on Twitter and Snapchat! (ClaraDeeXXX)

Stay tuned for more videos with Clara Dee – we shot for 4 days together! Also stay tuned to her social media to watch the videos we did exclusively for her sites!

Length: 34 Minutes


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