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Welcome to another JOI Game with Saffron! Today’s game is 3 Chances to Cum! I’ve done a few other episodes with my husband’s cock, but in today’s episode I play with you alone – and I bet you won’t be able to cum in time! If you’ve never played 3 Chances to Cum, it’s a Jerk Off Instruction game made up by one of you Satyrs! I have 2 dice and I’m only going to roll them three times…giving you three chances to cum! On the first roll I multiply the dice by 2, and that’s how many strokes you get for that round! The second round I multiply the dice by 4, and the third and final round I multiply the dice by 6! If you can’t cum from the allotted strokes – you lose and have to replay the game all over again! Throughout the video I tease you with my breasts as I count down every last stroke, finally begging for you to cum all over my boobs! I hope you enjoy this solo version of 3 Chances to Cum as much as you liked the handjob episodes!

Length:  9 minutes

3 Chances to Cum JOI Game! – Trailer


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