Petite MILF Stepmom & Bratty Step Sister Teach You How to Jerk Off!

Hey step brother! 

Your stepmom and I need to talk to you. Every morning you come downstairs with a tent in your pants, and we don’t want to see that anymore! What do you mean you don’t know what we’re talking about? Your cock! You have to make sure to jerk off and get rid of your morning wood before you come downstairs! You’ve never jerked off before? Well I guess we’ll just have to teach you how! 

In this taboo step mom and step sister jerk off instruction video, the lovely Misha Mynx plays your embarrassed step mom, I play your bratty but honest step sister and together we tell you exactly how to stroke your cock! We pull up our shirts, revealing Misha’s perky tits and my bouncy boobs so you can get closer to cumming. We tease you, getting you to stroke a little faster and beg you to cum for us!

Now you can take care of yourself, step brother, and we won’t need to see your morning wood ever again!

Length:  11 minutes


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Birthday Wish: Busty MILF Step Mom gives Step Son First Blowjob & Swallows While Cuckold Husband Films

Hey husband! 

As you know, it’s your son’s 18th birthday, and because I looked through his phone I know that he still hasn’t ever had a blowjob. Being his step mom I have to work harder to get closer to him, and I think for his 18th birthday he deserves an extra special present! So sit here with this camera because I’m going to give him his FIRST blowjob ever, and we’re going to film it so he can re-watch this magical moment over and over! You can take your cock out and stroke it, but don’t move the camera- we don’t want you ruining this video! And because I’m already giving one blowjob today, that means you’re not getting a blowjob tonight! 

Oh darling, your son has such a nice cock! Way bigger and younger than yours! How does it feel to know that I’m sucking your son’s cock instead of yours tonight? I’m enjoying this so much I might have to make this a regular thing…and you’ll just have to watch as your young, fit son cums right in your wife’s mouth! 

In this taboo porn roleplay cuckolding video, I play a busty MILF step mom giving her step son the best birthday present ever- a blowjob! And to commemorate the moment, I decide to film the experience for him, but since I don’t have a camera man I use the next best thing – my husband, his father! This video is filmed from the cuckolded husband’s POV, and I lovingly tease you about how your son has a better cock, and is getting all my attention instead of you! This cuckold video isn’t mean, and I don’t call you a sissy, or gay – it’s sensual cuckolding! In this video you also get a great view of my big breasts in my bra, while I’m sucking cock from the side, until I get a big load of cum in my mouth, which I play with a little before swallowing it all down!

Length: 18 Minutes


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