Sissy Cuckold Slave Training Part 12

Well Sissy, since fate has decided that you’ll be spending the next 5 months in chastity, I thought it might be fun to give you a good long look at just what you’ll be missing. I’m going to tease you with my bare panties! You better not get even just a little bit hard and make a bulge in your sissy panties! Now that I think about it, I don’t think we can even call this a relief date! You’re certainly not going to get any relief today! In fact, why don’t I just put on these super thick, super expensive pantyhose you bought me and only let you stare at the panty lines on my fully covered ass? Wouldn’t that be more fun? Tell me it will be more fun. Good Sissy.

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Sissy Cuckold Slave Training Part 11

Well Sissy, since fate decided on your last relief date that you would have to remain in chastity for the next 5 months (bringing your total time in chastity to 10 months!), I thought maybe this time I would let you look up my skirt and see my bare panties, especially since you’re stuck in chastity and can’t even touch your little sissy clitty! Now you better not get even a little bit hard, we don’t want any unsightly bulges in those sissy maid panties do we? Good sissy.

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Sissy Cuckold Slave Training Part 9

Merry Christmas Sissy! I have a very special day planned for you! Look what Master Dennis is allowing you! You can see me in my bare panties for your whole relief date! Now get in the corner, wearing your highest high heels and your prettiest panties and wait for the ice block with your key to unlock your chastity device!

So, before you get too excited, there’s a new rule! I know you want to be a good proper sissy maid don’t you? You know what? Proper little sissy maids don’t get unsightly bulges in their panties! So you can’t have one either! That’s right! If you get hard while I’m in my bra and panties, then you won’t get your relief date at all! I know this will be a really hard task for you, but sissies like frustration don’t they? That’s right. Good sissy.

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