Cum On Hair Ruined Orgasm Handjob

Hey Satyrs!

In this CFNM Free-use Ruined Orgasm Handjob video I completely ignore my husband as I casually stroke his cock! I wear a simple red t-shirt that matches my lipstick and nails; my hair has gotten so much longer recently so I left it down to accentuate its length. I don’t wear my glasses in this video and instead you get a lot of eye contact! Even with how little attention I’m giving him, Dennis’ cock twitches and pulses, and I can tell I’m bringing him closer and closer to the edge. So I stop stroking! I love teasing…edging his cock over and over! Finally, I can tell he can no longer hold back…but instead of stroking harder and faster as he cums, I stop stroking altogether and ruin his orgasm! He still shoots an incredibly huge cumshot all over my hair and face! After I take a moment to admire all of his bright white cum all over my hair, my job is done and I simply get up to leave!

Length:  11 minutes


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