Won’t you please milk my big balloon titties?

I found the bottle of special vitamins you’ve been giving me, and it says one of the side effects is possible breast expansion! I was wondering why my boobs were getting so huge! I’m worried they might burst! They’re totally full with milk! Please milk me!

Wait, so you’re saying I just need to keep taking the pills and I’ll start lactating the milk out? OK!

Oh no, my big balloon titties are even bigger! They could pop any minute! Please, you need to milk me right now!

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The Christmas Wish Ball: An Erotic Breast Expansion Poem



This is a story you may not believe,
But I swear all this happened, one magical Christmas eve…

Written in the style of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, The Christmas Wish Ball is a sexy breast expansion story disguised as a Christmas poem! Find out what happens when a poor newlywed couple goes looking for a Christmas tree…and comes home with an ornament that makes all Christmas wishes come true!




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