Schoolgirls Blackmail Step Daddy! | Taboo Virtual Handjob with Misha Mynx!

Hey Satyrs!

In this taboo school girl step daughter virtual handjob video, I’m joined by the pretty and petite Misha Mynx! You’re my step dad and we want money for the mall…but you won’t give us any! We’re very naughty little schoolgirls though, so we know how to change your mind! Together we stroke your cock (virtual sex- no real cock present), and make you cum! I sure hope you have a lot of cash in your wallet because it would be such a shame if mom found out how easy it was for us to get into your pants! Now you’re going to be our personal ATM, and any time we want cash, you’ll give it to us, won’t you, daddy?

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Length:  8 minutes


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Daughter Blackmails Step-Daddy for Cash

Hey Daddy! I need a hundred bucks to go to the mall! What you mean “no”?! Well, fine then! What if, when Mom comes home in a couple of hours… I just tel her how much you love my pussy! That’s right! How do you think she’d react, knowing her husband is fucking her little girl? So you’re going to give me that money Daddy. Besides… you know what you get when you treat me like a princess! You can’t deny it, you love my tight, smooth pussy, don’t you Daddy? You’re going to give me that money whenever I ask for it, because you don’t want to have to say goodbye to this pussy, do you? You don’t mind that I blackmail you Daddy? That’s right, I didn’t think so!


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