Fertility Pills Inflate Balls, Belly, and Boobs!

Oh honey, you’re home! You know what today is? It’s been a whole week since you’ve been taking those fertility pills, so you know what that means? It means you finally get to cum inside me!

I know you’ve been waiting for so long! And oh my goodness, these pills… they’ve made your balls swell so much! They must be aching! They’re so firm! I just can’t wait to have your cum inside me! Common, let’s make a baby!


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My Perfect Girlfriend


Sarah was the perfect girlfriend in every way except one…she had tiny A cup breasts. Of course, I could never ask her to get implants for me, but my desires still needed to be satisfied. So, I turned to the internet.

After a night of perusing my favorite big breast sites, I came across an ad. “SUPER SEMEN BREAST GROWTH PILLS”, it read. “GROW BREASTS TO XXL SIZES- NO SIDE EFFECTS!” I couldn’t resist!




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