Anal Play JOI with CEI

Hey Satyrs!

On my subreddit I asked you what you’d like to see more of, and I got so many great responses! Something a few of you asked for was a JOI with anal play and cum eating instruction and today I’m here to deliver exactly that! I made sure to go nice and slow in this Jerk Off Instruction video, I want you to be nice and warmed up before you slip a finger, or two, or a buttplug up your ass! I tell you exactly how I want you to stroke for me, when you should start playing with your asshole, when to stick your finger just a little inside…nice and lubed up of course! If this is your first time trying anal play, don’t worry, I’ll be gentle! I also coax you into tasting your precum as you stroke, telling you how much I love the taste and I know you will too! In the end I make you cum all over yourself, so that you have a whole load of cum to lick up! If you have a buttplug, get it ready and grab a whole lotta lube, we’re going to have some messy fun!

Length:  17 minutes


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Butt Plug Double Penetration Fucking For Christmas!

 This is Part 2 of my Anal Play Double Penetration & Dildo Masturbation for Christmas video! Click here if you haven’t already seen it!

This Christmas I’m your present! I’ve been waiting patiently under the tree for you to get home! I’ve put in a butt plug, made myself nice and wet and I’m ready for some double penetration fucking! You fuck my smooth pussy hard, causing my boobs to bounce and making me moan. I love feeling so full! You pound me until you spurt your hot load inside me, which I eagerly play with. Then I pull out my butt plug, giving you a nice view before giving you a kiss goodbye!


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Anal Play Double Penetration & Dildo Masturbation for Christmas!

I have a very special Christmas present for you this year! Me! Watch as I get myself ready for you…dressing myself up as a present, making my pussy nice and wet for you by masturbating with my candy cane dildo, then, sliding a plug up my ass and making myself cum! I know you love anal play, and double penetration just makes me feel so nice and full, so it’s a very merry Christmas for the both of us! 🙂

Click here for part 2 where I get fucked with the plug still in my ass! 😉



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Thick Cock Fucks Tight Pussy Creampie

This video begins with me getting you nice and warmed up, licking and sucking your cock as you look down at me playing with myself. Hard, and messy with my lipstick, your cock enters my wet, smooth, tight pussy from behind. I spread my cheeks for you to give you a nice view of your thick cock slipping inside me. You tease my ass hole with your finger and I moan with pleasure. I lay you down, and climb on top to give you a view of my boobs bouncing as I ride you. I feel your cock pulsing inside me as I squeeze you tightly. Finally, you lay me on my back and fuck me hard, just how I like it, until you cum deep inside my pussy! I play with my messy creampie, loving how the cum feels so warm and slippery on my throbbing clit!

Length: 8 minutes

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Light Anal Play And Dildo Fucking


You know what gets me really wet…? Lightly teasing my tight little asshole…playing inside and outside of it… it just gets me so wet and horny I just have to rub my clit! Finally it’s all too much and I just need a hard cock inside of me so I take my lifelike dildo and fuck myself until I cum!

Length: 17 minutes

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