My Birthday SnapChat Story!

Hey everyone!

I had so much fun spending my birthday with you guys on SnapChat!


It was a great cake-filled day! Dennis treated me like a princess, and of course that includes making me cum first! He snapped while playing with me with my mini vibrator. Then I thanked him by climbing on top of him, 69 style, and swallowing his cock down my throat! It was a little tricky, holding my Ipad while sucking his cock, but I think I managed pretty well! He shot his huge load into my mouth and I let it drip out a bit before licking it all back up! Hope you guys enjoy the video! 🙂

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Best Blowjob Ever


It was about one in the morning and my husband and I were really high from smoking weed. Our lights and camera were still set up from shooting videos all day. So we decided to film me going down on him! I love giving high blow jobs- I get so into it and deepthroating is so much fun! A great video of a sensual blowjob with lots of deepthroating and a huge load!

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