The Doll House- Book 1 Explicit Version – Bimbo Transformation Erotica


I love my job. It’s been my life’s work creating this place, and perfecting the science of my craft. Most of these dolls are volunteers. Somewhat attractive people down on their luck, willing to give up a year of their lives for fifty-thousand dollars. A small pittance compared to what the dolls bring in as revenue. It costs a great deal to run this place too, the surgeries, the drugs, the electricity- but it doesn’t even compare to the fortune I make here.

Money isn’t why I started the dollhouse though. I’d just as soon do this job for free.

Today’s first appointment is a couple – Mr. and Mrs. Kane. Mrs. Kane wants nothing more than to be a bimbo, barefoot and pregnant, and a slave to her husband’s desire. She craves this transformation so much that she threw away a promising law career to be Mr. Kane’s housewife. Mr. Kane has some exciting ideas for her transformation, but what he gets is so much better than he could have expected!

This 3700+ erotic bimbofication short features a sexy transformation scene where Mrs. Kane gets huge milky breasts as well as a very explicit sex scene! This version also has over 30% more content than the tamer Amazon version!

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