3 Hours of Smoking Blowjob | Lofi Chillhop Beats to Relax/Have Sex to #001

Hey Satyrs!

I love the ‘Lofi Chillhop Beats to Relax/Study to’ Youtube videos and I often put one on when I’m working on posts for you! So, I thought I’d make a version of my own – but not for you to work to! Instead, I want you to relax and enjoy this playlist I’ve curated (not all of which is exactly chillhop, but it’s all very mellow); it’s a great playlist to have sex to, to fall asleep to…or if you’re up for a VERY HARD CHALLENGE – you could even edge yourself for the full 3 hours, waiting through each loop to finally get to cum at the end! I hope you guys enjoy this video because I had so much fun making it! If you like it, I will definitely make more!

Length:  3 HOURS


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