Weekly Newsletter: September 5th – 11th

Monday’s Free Video!:

vlcsnap-2016-09-08-19h27m23s77Caught Masturbating Step Sister Blowjob!

Oh no! Brother don’t you knock? No, don’t look at what I was watching! Yes, it is a sister blowjob video, you weren’t supposed to see that! But now that you know my secret, why don’t we have a secret together big brother? You see, I’ve never given a blowjob before, and I think you’d be the perfect person to test my skills on!

In this taboo step sister blowjob video, you catch me masturbating to Ass Teasing Step Sister Blowjob, and I’m so embarrassed! I tell you I’ve had a crush on you ever since our parents got married, and I’ve been dying to give my first blowjob! So I unzip your pants, and tease your cock with my tongue curiously. Before long I’m entranced and bobbing my head on your cock passionately! I can’t help but touch myself under my jeans as I suck you! What I love about blowjob videos, I tell you, is when the girl gets down on her knees and makes the guy cum a huge load all over her face! So I do just that, and you give me the biggest facial I’ve ever seen!

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Wednesday’s Members’ Video!:


 Perfect Wife Blowjob 6!

Oh honey are you still working on that? You’ve been fixing the air condition all morning, and it’s such a hot day! I think you deserve a break! Here let me help you relax, and give you a little motivation to keep working! I want to let you know how much I appreciate you for being such a good husband to me, always fixing things for me- you’re the perfect husband and you deserve a perfect wife blowjob!

This is the newest video in our Perfect Wife Blowjob series! Click here to watch the rest of the videos in this series (some are free!)!

In this sensual blowjob video I get down on my knees in front of you, pull out your cock and passionately swallow you whole again and again! I tease the length of your shaft with my tongue, paying special attention to the little sensitive spot just under the head! I love when you drip with precum! Because I know you have a lot of work to do, this blowjob is a little faster than usual, and super enthusiastic! In the end, I make you spurt a huge load all over my face! Of course I clean up all the cum with my mouth, and then leave you to get back to work on the air conditioner!

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Sexy SnapChat Saturday!:

IMG_6284Getting Ready for Lacey! Sexy SnapChat Saturday – September 3rd 2016 

In case you missed it, a little while ago I announced that Lacey will be coming to stay with us! I’m so excited! She wants to get more into the porn industry, so we’re going to set her up with a website! So we took the day this Saturday to set up her room! We moved our gym equipment downstairs and set up her bed and dresser! Then we christened the new room with a blowjob!

I got down on my knees in front of Dennis, and pulled out his cock. I playfully alternated between teasing him with my tongue and swallowing him whole! Finally, I made him cum all over my face and he shot so far it got onto the floor behind me!

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This week’s contest!:

The winners for last week’s Obama Llama contest have been sent their private tit pics, so now it’s time for a new contest! This week the contest is Best Dick Pic Drawing!

Here are some examples of what I mean!:

I’ll pick my favorite 3 and send the winners a private tit pic! All submissions will also be added to The Wall Of Dicks! 

Send your answers in on snapchat and I’ll pick the winners next Saturday as I announce next week’s contest (don’t worry, your username will not be shared!) Make sure to add me on snapchat to participate! SC: sexy_saffron


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