Weekly Newsletter: May 30th-June 5th

Hey everyone!

Here’s everything that we posted this week!


Monday’s Free Video!:



360 VR Blowjob & Fucking!

In this video, I wanted to play around with movement of the Ricoh Theta 360 camera that Pornhub was nice enough to lend me! Dennis holds the camera while I gently lick is cock and balls and I play with myself, moving the camera around so you can get a good look at everything that’s going on! It doesn’t take long before playing with my pussy makes me crave having his cock inside me! In the end, I make him shoot his huge load all over my face, and you get to watch the whole thing in 360 degree virtual reality! Click here to watch!


Wednesday’s Members’ Video!:




Sexy Witch Saffron Transforms You Into A Cockroach!

In this POV transformation fetish video, I play a hot girl at a party who sees your boyfriend and starts flirting with him! I don’t care that you think you’re his girlfriend, that’s irrelevant since I’m clearly so much hotter than you! Oh, you dare to talk back to me?! You’ll regret that! With a wave of my wand I transport us all back to my lair, and you realize that you’ve pissed off a powerful sexy witch!  With each wave of my wand, you find yourself getting smaller and smaller… until you’re level with my feet looking up at me! Click here to watch!

Sexy SnapChat Saturday!


Sexy SnapChat Saturday May 28th 2016!

This week for Sexy SnapChat Saturday, I dressed up in my school girl uniform, and we did a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Snap Show! You guys voted for riding on top, fucking from behind and blowjob as your top three choices, so we did all three and I got covered in Dennis’ cum! Click here to watch! 


Let me know what you think of everything I posted this week! What did you think of the virtual reality video? What else would you like to see us film in 360? 🙂

I love doing contests, so as a thank you for reading all the way until the bottom of this newsletter, I’ve decided to do a “fan sign of the week” contest! This week’s contest is to tweet at me what your favourite porn series is (for example, Property Sex, or Casting Couch or even the Pirates of the Caribbean XXX Parody series!), and I will pick one person at random to receive a fan sign from me, and have their fan sign (with your Twitter handle, or whatever name you prefer) posted in the next weekly newsletter! To be eligible to win, you must also be a follower on Twitter! Good luck! 😉


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