Weekly Newsletter: June 6th-12th

Monday’s Free Video!:


Schoolgirl Gives Daddy Blowjob After School 

This has been one of our most popular videos on Clips4Sale, so we thought it deserved to be shared with the world! In this taboo blowjob video, I play a schoolgirl who comes home from school to tell her daddy about all the bratty, naughty things she did with boys that day! I tell you all about how I blew a teacher, but ruined his orgasm! Only daddy gets to cum in my mouth! Click here to watch!


Wednesday’s Members’ Video!:


Sensual Mutual Masturbation Handjob

In this handjob and masturbation video, I give Dennis a handjob with lots of lube! Stroking him turns me on, so I use some of the lube from his cock to rub my smooth pussy. I make Dennis shoot a huge load into the air as I rub myself. Finally I use his cum as lube and make myself cum too! Click here to watch!

Sexy SnapChat Saturday!


Sexy SnapChat Saturday June 4th 2016!

This week we had a custom video commission that required candy, so we thought it would be a good idea to test out some of the candies before shooting! So I gave Dennis a blowjob while playing with Twizzlers, gummy rings and bubble gum! Click here to watch!

We also had a contest; all you had to do to enter was sign up for this newsletter! Here’s the winner’s fan sign!:

 IMG_4695Congrats to RatFink1313!

Hope you all had a good week! Let me know what you liked most this week, and what you’d like us to shoot next! 🙂

This week’s newsletter contest is: “Summer Themed Dick Pic!” Send me a dick pic on snapchat (SC: sexy_saffron) that you’ve drawn on, or is some way “summer themed!” The best/most creative one will win a fan sign and have their dick pic added to The Wall Of Dicks! 😉


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