Weekly Newsletter: June 20th-26th

Monday’s Free Video!:


360 VR Blowjob & Fucking!

With Virtual Reality being a new category, it took a while for this video to go live! In this video I give Dennis a blowjob while touching myself, we try a few different angles with the 360 camera so you get to see all the action! Once we’re both nice and wet, Dennis fucks me! I hold the camera next to his head, so you feel like you’re really there! Finally, Dennis lays down and I suck his cock and make him cum all over my face! We’d love to hear what you think about this video- we’re still so new at Virtual Reality but we’re really excited to shoot more! Click here to watch!

Wednesday’s Members’ Video!:


Close-Up: Sensual Hands-Free Footjob

This is the first video in our new “Close-Up” series! In this video, I only use my hands to squirt more lube onto my feet! My slippery red-painted toes tease your shaft and balls, making you drip with precum that I happily play with! I cup your balls with my soles, and stroke your shaft- making you cum with just my feet! I’m so excited to see what you guys think about this style of video! Click here to watch!

Sexy SnapChat Saturday!:


Sexy SnapChat Saturday June 18th 2016

This week we did an episode of Baking With Saffron! We made bacon and a huge batch of homemade granola! While we waited for things to bake, I teased Dennis’ cock, basically edging him, making him wait until the granola was out of the oven! Finally the granola turned golden brown and it was time for Dennis’ dessert! So I sucked him in the kitchen, making him cum all over my face (and a little on my cupboards!) Then, with cum still all over my face, I show off our finished granola! I posted a smaller portion recipe for the granola under the video for you to make it yourself! Click here to watch!

This week’s contest is “Funniest Undies in Dick Pic”! Send me a picture on SnapChat of you, wearing your most unique undies, and I’ll pick the best to get a private SnapChat pic! Your dick pic will also be added to The Wall Of Dicks!

Let me know what you guys thought of this week’s content!

Coming up next week…


To celebrate both Canada Day and Independence Day we’re having a huge sale!

Custom Videos!


Usually my custom video rate starts at $275 (if you pay by credit card, $250 if you pay with Bitcoin) for up to 20 minutes of video, but during the sale you can order simple 10 minute customs for just $125 (if you pay by credit card, $100 if you pay with Bitcoin)!

Half Price Panties!

Black Knitted Cotton Bikini Panties

Black Knitted Cotton Bikini Panties

My pairs of panties that are usually $50 will be just $25, and my special hand knitted panties that are usually $100 will be just $50! Click here to see all of my currently available pairs!

2-for-1 Prints!


Usually my signed prints are $10 each, but during the sale they’re buy one get one free! Click here to see the prints I currently have available!

To take advantage of the sale just email me between July 1st-4th to order! Saffron@BacchusEnt.com / Sexy_Miss_Saffron@Hotmail.com


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