Weekly Newsletter: June 13th-19th

Monday’s Free Video!


Photoshoot Blowjob!

After at least an hour of taking pictures of me in my panties, I noticed Dennis getting hard in his jeans! I know how hard it must be to contain himself while photographing me, so I rewarded him right away with a blowjob! I lick and suck him until he blows a huge load all over my face! Click here to watch! 

Wednesday’s Members’ Video!


Behind the Scenes Photoshoot! 

This week I needed to take a lot of pictures of myself in different pairs of panties, so I thought it would be fun to show you the behind the scenes of the photoshoot and tease you in my panty collection! In this video I strip in and out of different pairs of panties, bending over to slide them off and give you a peek of my smooth pussy! Click here to watch! 

Sexy SnapChat Saturday!


Sexy SnapChat Saturday June 11th!

This week we spent the day in the kitchen cooking bacon, eggs, banana bread and granola! After a long day’s work we needed to relax and unwind. The best way I know to help Dennis relax is to make him cum- so I did just that! I gave him a sensual handjob and made him cum all over my face! Click here to watch! 

This week’s newsletter contest is to Tweet at me your favourite porn movie! Something that’s at least an hour long with multiple scenes! My favourite is the first movie in the Taboo series! I’ll randomly pick someone who answers to get a private snap photo!

Hope you guys had a great week! Let me know what you liked about this week, and what you’d like me to shoot next!


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