Weekly Newsletter: July 4th-10th

Monday’s Free Video!:


Canada Day Creampie!

I released our free Monday video a little early this week because of Canada Day! In this creampie video, I start out by fucking myself on a Canada flag with my vibrator! I fuck myself and rub my clit until I cum- trying to stay quiet so as not to get caught! Then, it’s your turn to fuck me! First though, I get you nice and warmed up with my mouth! Once you’re nice and hard and covered in spit, you start to fuck me from behind as I continue to use my vibrator. Public sex is always more exciting, so it doesn’t take long until you give me a nice creampie! You pull out and I give you a nice view of your cum dripping out as I continue to play with my vibrator! It was a very happy Canada Day! Click here to watch!

Wednesday’s Members’ Video!: MVI_3700.MP4.Still008Close-Up: Sensual Edging JOI

Today I want to get you to the edge over and over…I’m going to keep teasing you until you just can’t stand it anymore and you explode all over me! I direct you to start slow, telling you exactly how I want you to stroke! I progressively get faster, bringing you just to the edge of cumming, until I tell you to stop! After a quick cool-down of not stroking, and just looking at my breasts, I start teasing you all over again! I can feel the pressure build up in your cock; you’re dripping with precum and I know you’re just on the edge of bursting, but I continue to stroke more and encourage you to cum all over my boobs! Click here to watch!

Sexy SnapChat Saturday!


Close-Up Jerk Off Encouragement! Sexy SnapChat Saturday July 2nd!

Since we recently started our new “Close-Up” series, I thought it would be fun if we did a little Close-Up Jerk Off Encouragement! So I get Dennis nice and lubed up, and beg for you to stroke for me! I just love knowing I turn you on…and I can’t help myself when you start dripping with precum- I just have to lick it off! Finally, I beg for you to cum in my mouth! Click here to watch! 

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In other news…

This week we also started implementing major changes to our website! I took your advice from the survey I had you fill out and I’m so excited for you guys to see the finished product! Not only are we changing how things look, but we’re trying to implement automatic membership activation as well as some really great changes to how a member can view their account! While we work on these changes though, the website might be a little buggy! Sorry about that! As a consolation, once we’ve implemented these changes, every single member will receive an extra 30 days added to their membership! Thank you so much for your patience with me as I try and make this site the best it can possibly be!


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