Weekly Newsletter: July 18th-24th

Monday’s Free Video!:


Sloppy Blowjob at a Bar – Re-release!

I liked how this video turned out so much that I decided to release it for free for everyone to watch! In this video, I wear a satin top, a very short skirt and thigh high stockings, and I give you a very sloppy blowjob in a bar bathroom! I make sure to touch up my lipstick for you, so I leave lots of lipstick kisses all over your cock! I give you a dripping wet blowjob, not caring that I’m making a huge mess all over myself! After you cum in my mouth, I savour your load and let some drip down my breasts and onto my satin top. Then, without even cleaning up, we head back out into the bar!

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Wednesday’s Members’ Video!:


Handjob & Blowjob Heart Rate Monitor Sexperiment!

In this free-use medical fetish roleplay video, I play a researcher who wants to find out the relation between manual and oral stimulation and male heart rate! You can watch as your heart quickens with every little touch! In the end, I need to see how orgasm affects heart rate, so I make you cum all over my face!

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Sexy SnapChat Saturday!

Sexy SnapChat Saturday July 16th 2016!

This week I introduced you guys to my new friend Lacey! She’s new to SnapChat, so I suggested we each do a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Snap Shows on our stories! It was so much fun! You can see more of her here! In our show you guys chose for me to give Dennis a blowjob, and get his cum all over my face! So I sucked him, sensually licking up every drop of precum on the way! I edged Dennis all day long, and it paid off because he shot a HUGE load all over me!

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