Weekly Newsletter: July 11th-17th

Monday’s Free Video!


Close-Up: Sensual Tit Fuck Handjob 

This is the 5th full video in our Close-Up series (we also did a Close-Up episode of Sexy SnapChat Saturday), you can watch the rest of the series here!

In this sensual tit fuck handjob video, you get a nice view of my full breasts squeezing your cock! I alternate stroking you with my hands, rubbing your cock against my lube covered breasts, and pressing my breasts together around your cock! I make you cum all over my boobs!

**There’s actually a bonus cumshot scene at the end of this video! Dennis was still hard even after blowing a huge load all over my chest, so I sucked and stroked him until he came again in my mouth!** Click here to watch! 

Wednesday’s Members’ Video!


Blowjob & Creampie for Comics!

Comicon was so much fun! Let’s see what comics we got in our swag bags! Oh wow! You got some really awesome  rare comics! Can I have them? Please? C’mon, I’m your girlfriend! Hmm…well what if I give you a blowjob? And maybe even let you cum inside me? Can I have the comics then? 

In this blowjob and creampie video, I play your girlfriend and we’ve just come home from comicon! I’m wearing a skin tight cat woman suit and high heels, and I will do anything to get your comics! So I unzip your jeans and give you a blowjob! But I know that as much as you love having me lick your cock, you really love licking my pussy! So I strip out of my catwoman costume, and spread my legs wide for you! You make me feel so good- but I know what will make us both feel even better! I get on top of you and bounce up and down on your cock! Finally, you get on top of me and give me a messy creampie, which I happily play with! Click here to watch!

Sexy SnapChat Saturday!


Sexy SnapChat Saturday July 9th 2016

This week for Sexy SnapChat Saturday we took you along through our busy day of shooting and food prep! First I tease you with pictures from a custom video blowjob shoot, then I take you into my kitchen to grind some pork, prepare some sausages and bake chicken! Finally, Dennis and I get cozy in bed and we watch The Sex Factor while I give him a blowjob! He cums in my mouth and I swallow it up! Click here to watch!

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