Weekly Newsletter: August 29th – September 4th

Monday’s Free Video!:


Hitachi On Cock – Sexperiments with Saffron!

The Hitachi Magic Wand is my favorite sex toy, so I thought it would be fun to see if could make Dennis cum too! And oh boy did it!

In this hitachi double cum video I tease the head of Dennis’ cock making him drip more precum than I’ve ever seen before! I lick it all up, and his cock vibrates against my tongue! I wrap my lips around the head of his cock and slide the hitachi down his shaft, while I suck, making my whole mouth vibrate around him! Then I tease his balls with the hitachi and take him all the way into my mouth!

The first cum shot is huge and thick and gets everywhere! Dennis’ cock becomes so sensitive from such a huge orgasm that I turn off the hitachi and just hold him gently in my mouth. Once he’s had a little break, I bring the hitachi back out, and pulse it on the underside of his head until he cums again!

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Wednesday’s Members’ Video!:


Step Sister Sucks & Swallows Before Her Date! 

Hey step brother! What do you think of this outfit for my date tonight? Do you think my skirt is too short? What’s that face you’re making! Are you jealous? Oh you’re so jealous! I can see you’re already hard for me! Don’t worry step brother! Just because I’m going on a date doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you! You know you’re my dirty little secret!

In this taboo step sister blowjob video, I show off my slutty outfit to you, my older step brother, and give you a sensual blowjob! I tease your cock with my tongue, while telling you how I’ll never forget our special relationship! I tell you that I don’t have a lot of time before my date so I’ll need to make you cum fast, and since I can’t have you ruining my makeup, I’ll make you cum in my mouth!

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Sexy SnapChat Saturday!:


Saffron Says JOI Game! Sexy SnapChat Saturday – August 27th 2016

This week we played Saffron Says! If you haven’t played before, Saffron Says is just like Simon Says, so if I say Saffron Says – you have to do what I say! If I don’t say Saffron Says, and you do it anyway, then you have to stop and restart the game all over! Click here to watch and play along to every episode of Saffron Says! 

I had a lot of fun teasing Dennis’ cock with different speeds and rhythms. I had even more fun tricking some of you! In the end, Dennis shot a HUGE cumshot all over my face, and pretty much everywhere else too!

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This week’s contest!:

Recently I found out about a really cool game called Obama Llama! The goal is to guess a rhyme from a clue. For example, the name of the game, Obama Llama, would be the answer to the clue “Current U.S President, and an animal that resembles an alpaca!”

So I thought it would be fun if I came up with my own silly, sexy rhymes and had you guys guess! I’ll pick one winner for each of the three clues to win a private tit pic! Each clue has a different answer – see how many you can get!

Clue 1: Something you have in your pants, and something I like to do with my tongue!

Clue 2: Another word for having sex, and a type of vehicle often used for work and towing! 

Clue 3: Semen, and the body part you sit on!

Send your answers in on snapchat and I’ll pick the winners next Saturday as I announce next week’s contest (don’t worry, your username will not be shared!) Make sure to add me on snapchat to participate! SC: sexy_saffron


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