Weekly Newsletter: August 22nd-28th

Monday’s Free Video!:vlcsnap-2016-08-22-20h55m50s196

Perfect Wife Blowjob 5

Oh honey, you’re watching porn? Oh you must feel so frustrated not being able to jerk off because you broke your hands! Let me take care of you, I am your wife after all!

You know what? I feel so bad that you hurt yourself, but I’ve really loved being in control of your orgasms this week! Have I been doing a good job of keeping you happy this week? I know you really want to grab me and fuck me, but without the use of your hands you’ll just have to lay back and let me do all the work!

I may have just showered and done my hair and makeup for the day, but I don’t mind if you make a mess all over my face! I’ll just do it all over again! Would you like that honey? I think the perfect wife takes care of her man and does whatever she can to make him happy!

In this sensual perfect wife blowjob video I tease your cock and let you know that I’m going to take care of you! In the end I make you cum all over my face!

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Wednesday’s Members’ Video!:

Cum Research Clinic Blowjob

Thank you so much for participating in my study! Your sample will go a long way to further my research! You see, my hypothesis is that cum reduces wrinkles and makes your skin look younger – so, I’m going to make you cum and then rub your cum all over my face! Once I’ve received your sample you can go collect your $50 giftcard! Thank you again for supporting this vital research!

In this free use medical fetish video, I play a deceivingly young scientist about to patent the cure for aging- but I need your help! So I lick and suck your shaft, making sure not to waste a single drop of life giving precum! I give you a slow sensual blowjob and make you cum straight into my mouth! Then I slowly spit your cum into my hand, so as not to lose a drop, and spread it all over my face happily!

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Sexy SnapChat Saturday!:


Behind The Scenes Blowjob Show! Sexy SnapChat Saturday – August 20th 2016

This Saturday was a busy shooting day for us, so we took you behind the scenes of shooting our new Cum Research Blowjob Clinic video as well as a soon to be released breast expansion video! We also made some delicious pulled pork and processed fresh potatoes from our garden! Finally after a long day of hard work, it was time to relax! So I gave Dennis a sensual blowjob and made him cum all over my face! He even got some cum up my nose, which I thought was funny!

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Q&A Announcement! 

It’s been over a year since I did my last Q&A video ( Blowjob & Pornstar Q&A ) and a lot has changed since then! (We might even have a girl come live and work with us soon- fingers crossed!) So ask away and I’ll answer as many as I can in the video! You can ask me on Twitter, SnapChat (SC: sexy_saffron), Reddit, Email (saffron@sexysaffron.com), or Pornhub! I’m going to shoot the video sometime mid September so get your questions in before then!


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