Huge Moving Sale + Cam Shows and Snapchat!


Hey everyone!

As some of you may know, we’ve been looking for a house in Montreal for almost a year now. Well, we finally found one! We’ll be moving either mid-April or May 1st! We’re so excited! So to celebrate we’ve decided to have a huge moving sale!


These offers last until April 15th! 


Custom Videos


Our usual rate for custom videos is $250 for up to 20 minutes of video, depending on content, personalization and props, however our sale offer is only $100 for 10 minutes, if you pay with Bitcoin. This does not include your name in the video or special props.

We’ve also received a lot of emails asking us to please bring back credit card payments as it’s difficult to use in certain countries still, and Circle and Coinbase have been causing issues for even US customers. We’re sorry that we’ve been excluding you! So during the sale if you’d like to buy a custom video, we will also accept credit card payments, but the rate is $120 for 10 minutes. All custom videos will now be booked to shoot starting May 15th to give us time to set up the new place. You will be given an exact delivery date with purchase.


My usual price for panties is $50/pair, including free worldwide shipping and vacuum sealing. Members get $10 off, non-members receive a free video. The sale offer on panties is just $25/pair including free North American shipping and vacuum sealing. Members still receive an additional $10 off, and non-members still receive a free video! 

Here are some of the pairs I have on offer. If you have a specific type that you’re interested in, email me and I can see if I have any in my collection that will please you!



Socks and Stockings

My usual sock and stocking prices range from $35/pair-$50/pair depending on type and wear. These include free worldwide shipping and vacuum sealing. Members receive $10 off and non-members receive a free video. However, during the sale all socks and stockings are $25/pair, include free North American shipping and vacuum sealing. Members still receive an additional $10 off and non-members receive a free video!

Here are some of the pairs I have on offer, message me for other types!



Video clips

During the sale all videos are buy-one-get-one FREE! Bitcoin or credit card.


For a limited time (until the end of May, or potentially forever if Snapchat turns out to be really fun!), I will be taking sexy behind the scenes photos! You’ll see photos of us shooting  videos, packing up our house to move, and of course lots of random sexy and silly shots! Members will get this FREE (in the drop down menu under Photos is a “Behind the Scenes” tab that will be only accessible to paid members, on that page will be all the saved snaps, plus my Snapchat name to add me as a friend! When you add me, please send me a note with the username of your paid membership. You will be added to my friends list forever!). For non-members, you can either purchase a membership with Bitcoin, or if you’d prefer to pay with credit card, it is $10 to get on my friends list forever to view my story, however this does not include a membership to the website! Click here to check it out!

Cam Shows

We’ve been thinking of bringing back cam shows for a while now! So we got set up with Streamate and we’ll be doing about a show a week to start! We’ll all play fun games on Gambit, watch porn together, chat and have lots of sexy fun! Our first show will be this Friday the 20th 7-10 pm EST. Click here for more info! 

Our members will be able to watch our gold shows for FREE, both live and recorded! Non-members can watch us on Streamate, and can chat with us, but will have to contribute to the gold show goal to watch the sexy times!

 Email us to purchase any of these deals!


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