Crypto Sex Toys!

Hey everyone!

As you know, I love Bitcoin, and I really love businesses that only accept cryptocurrency! Crypto Sex Toys sells hundreds of different sex toys, from tons of well-known brands. It’s all priced in Bitcoin, so no credit card charges will reveal that you bought The AutoBlow! They have super discreet shipping too, so your mailman won’t look at you funny!

Here are my favourite toys I found on their site!

Sex Toys For Men:


The Deep-Throat Stroker

I love this because I think it would be so awesome to pair with one of our many deep throat videos! I’ve never seen a toy specifically made to not just simulate blowjobs, but deepthroating. I wonder how it compares to the real thing, I think I have a pretty tight throat! 😉






 The FleshLight 

I think it goes without saying that the Fleshlight is among the top best toys for men. I hope to one day have one modeled after me!


Sex Toys For Women

(Read: Toys I  wish I had !)


Better Than Chocolate Vibrator 

I’ve seen a demonstration of this once and it’s so cool! It’s touch sensitive so no knobs or buttons to get in the way, you just touch the top, and once you’ve found the setting you like, you can lock the controls. I think it would feel amazing to have this cupping my pussy! 😉



 If anyone would like to spoil me with a toy, I’d be super grateful and send you a sexy video of me trying it out!



Realistic Squirting Dildo

I’ve never had a squirting dildo before, but I’ve gotten a few requests for me to use one in videos. I think it would be really awesome to simulate a bukkake scene!!!






 I also found a couple more comical toys… 




 Alien Fleshlight

This Fleshlight reminds me of my Alien Saffatron Needs A DNA Sample video, and features a double clitoris. A little strange, a lot awesome! 😉







Electric Toothbrush Vibrator

This vibrator is made to fit to most electric toothbrushes. Looks like it would hit the spot just right, but I’m not sure how I feel about brushing my teeth with something I just fucked!  





I really like this site, and I’ll definitely be using them the next time I need to buy a sex toy. I hope you liked this post! This is not a sponsored post, but the links are affiliate links. You can check out how their affiliate program works– I think it’s awesome that they pay out in Bitcoin! 



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