Fan Poll: What outfits do you prefer?

Hey everyone!

I really enjoyed reading everyone’s answers for the “Where do you like to see cum on me?” poll (and I really loved that most of you love seeing cum on my face!), so I thought I’d get your opinions on what I wear in videos!

So which of these do you prefer?


As seen in Huge Hitachi Orgasm (above), Age Regression Succubus, Stripping and Sucking to the Beat, most episodes of Intimate Moments and many more!


As seen in I Want You Inside Me (above), Surprise Sensual Blowjob, Riding Til I Cum, Ruining Your Christmas Present, and most of my Sissy Cuckold Slave Training series, among others. Many of my older videos feature corsets, stockings & garters- old school lingerie!

Teacher/Secretary/Professional Lady

As seen in Secretary Saffron Gets a Raise (above), Brutally Humiliating Teacher JOI, Cursed Ring Transforms Secretary Into Sexpot,  Sex Therapist Saffron Helps You Reach Orgasm, or as seen in most of my Sissy Cuckold Slave Training Series. Modest skirts, blazers, pantyhose and buttoned up blouses!


As seen in Sexy Witch Saffron Transforms You Into A Horny Toad (above), Potion Transforms Date Into Cute Bunny Rabbit, Put A Baby In My Belly, among others. Tight, elegant, figure-hugging dresses with long, seductive hair!

School Girl

As seen in Daddy Teaches Daughter Sex Ed (above), Naughty Schoolgirl Tease and Denial, Student Saffron Gets a D, and many others! White blouse, short plaid skirt, white knee high socks- a classic!

Regular Clothes

As seen in Public Blowjob and Facial (above), Sweaty Foot Smelling Handjob and Blowjob, Sensual Cum Swallowing Wife, Public Sex with Creampie at the Park, among others. Yoga pants, Thai fisherman’s pants, tank tops and t-shirts- basically what I wear in my day-to-day life/what you’d see average women wearing out.


As seen in Alien Saffatron Needs A DNA Sample (above), This Clown Sucks and Fucks, My Halloween Fantasy – A Night With The Devil, Daphne Plays With Your Precum, certain special episodes of Intimate Moments, and many more! Dressing up in crazy outfits can be fun!

Nothing At All!

As seen in Blowjob & Pornstar Q&A (above), Intimate Sensual Deepthroat Blowjob, Quickie Creampie and Cum play, Tip Of My Tongue Sensual Blowjob, among others. I usually like to leave something up to the imagination, I enjoy the tease of slowing stripping down, but I know lots of you just want to get right down to business! 😉

So, which of these do you like me in most? Or do you like me in something else altogether? Let me know in the comments below! The most popular choices will definitely make more appearances in future videos!


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  1. I was going to vote for satin since your nighty vids are some of my favs, but you look incredible in Seductress mode. Would love to see a CFNM HJ/BJ in one of those outfits.

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