Colour Me Saffron! Explicit Adult Colouring Book Series!

Hey Satyrs!

Adult colouring books are all the rage right now, and they’re an awesome way to wind down after a long day! However, there aren’t any that I’ve found that are also explicit and sexually exciting – so I made one myself!


Inside you’ll find 20+ very explicit pages of me, dressed up as a naughty schoolgirl, telling you how much I want your cum! Each image has nice bold outlines, and the paperback offers lots of white space around the margins- allowing you to add in some naughty doodles of your own! The paperback is also printed one-sided, so you can cut out pages to hang, or just cum on!

This book was deemed TOO EXPLICIT for Amazon and was BANNED! So you can buy one through me by email! They’re available in Paperback and PDF! 



I love photoshop and the aesthetic of old comics, so I had a lot of fun creating this colouring book! This is just the first of the series, I plan to create many more- at least a couple a year! Let me know what themes you’d like to see me illustrate!

The paperback is for anyone who wants a physical, collectible copy to colour, cum on and covet! The PDF version is for anyone who has a device that can run a drawing app (I love YouDoodle on Itunes and Google Play Store -It’s free!), and wants to enjoy the book discreetly and doesn’t mind cleaning up a little cum from their device!

No matter which version you buy, there is a BONUS CONTEST at the end of the book! Anyone who has a copy is eligible to enter! Contest ends in October- so get your copy now! 

Message me now to get one! or 

The paperback features a beautiful glossy cover, and high quality, white matte pages – ideal for colouring! The paperback is $29.99 including North American shipping, international shipping is just $10 extra! I’ll ship it discreetly, sign it, and include a special thank you letter! 

The PDF is delivered wirelessly after I receive payment and works on all devices, including PCs, tablets and phones! You can even save individual pages as your desktop! If you have trouble with PDFs, let me know and I’ll send a different filetype!

A digital copy is only $4.99! 

I accept credit cards and Bitcoin for payment!

Order your copy today! 




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