SnapChat Take-Over For PornHub!

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I was given the pleasure of taking over PornHub’s official SnapChat account! It was so much fun chatting with all of you who followed us around for the day! For those of you who missed it, don’t worry, I saved my snaps! Click here to see all SnapChat Saturday posts!



First thing we did when we woke up at 6:30am is take some good morning snaps! I posted the first one, on the left, to my personal SnapChat account ( you can follow me at ‘sexy_saffron’ but I don’t post there regularly yet), and the second one, on the right, to Pornhub’s SnapChat account (‘pornhubaria’) introducing myself and announcing my take-over!



Then we started the day right by sharing a joint! We received tons of snaps from others waking and baking too! It was like we were all smoking together! 🙂

IMG_0347 IMG_0348


As to be expected, we received tons of requests and dick pics! Even though I’d already posted a couple boob pictures, everyone wanted another, so I posted the one on the left! And in response to the dick pics, we took one of our own! We actually got snaps back from a few other couples also giving/receiving morning head! 🙂


Once we snapped the dick pic requests for vids flooded in, so I sent them here of course!

IMG_0350 IMG_0377

After we were thoroughly baked and all jizzed out, it was time for breakfast! Most days I have bacon and eggs in some form, my favourite being between english muffin halves! It’s one of my go-to breakfasts, along with home made oatmeal! 🙂

Then it was time to hit the “gym” aka our office room with our desk pushed out of the way for the yoga mat and treadmill. The ass shot was appreciated by all. 🙂


As I was jogging on the treadmill, Dennis noticed my boobs bouncing in my tank top, so he got me to take them out for a quick video!




We worked up quite a sweat, so it was time for a shower! Dennis and I always, 100% of the time, take showers together. Saves water, and it’s so much more fun! Plus, when Dennis cums all over me it’s super convenient to wash up! This was one of our most popular snaps of the day! 🙂






IMG_0354 IMG_0375


After showering we have to do our daily chores which includes tending to our gardens! Our indoor garden is just starting out, but we have a few raised beds outdoors, each sprouting 25-50+ plants. Luckily we managed to get outside to check on the seedlings just before the rain started. 🙂

Once all our chores were done we took a break for lunch and I finished the knitting project I was working on! I plan on this being just my first piece of knitted lingerie! I would love to hear your thoughts on it! 🙂

After this there is a couple hours gap where we decided to take a nap before getting to work. I love afternoon naps!



Finally it was time to work, so I set up my beauty station and made myself pretty! Then I sat on the couch while Dennis lit the scene. Here’s what it looks like behind the camera in our videos! This is the room we film in most often, it’s the same room that has the fireplace, which is visible is a few of our videos! 🙂




Here’s a snap we took just before shooting. We shot a sensual blowjob video with lots of ball licking and ball play! You’ll get to see that video sometime in the coming weeks! Also, what does everyone think of my hair brushed to the side? 🙂




Obviously we couldn’t just tease everyone with the hint of a blowjob without delivering on facial shots! Also, if anyone’s counting, this was Dennis’ second blowjob of the day! 😉


And of course, that last snap prompted another flood of vid requests! 🙂




After showering for a second time, we headed back upstairs to chill for the night. 🙂






Weed always makes everything feel so good, so I ended up giving Dennis yet another Blowjob!

Then he came all over my face! 🙂

IMG_0363 IMG_0358


But don’t worry! After washing my face Dennis returned the favour. I love my Hitachi magic wand! Dennis controls the speed with an extra attachment and he can tease me for hours with this thing! 🙂

It was getting towards the end of the night, so we shared our Twitter with everyone on SnapChat so we can all continue chatting! 🙂

Finally, time for sleeps!

This was a pretty regular day for us, and we had a lot of fun sharing it! If you liked these snaps, let me know if you’d like to see more! They’d be pretty similar to these, with behind the scenes of whatever we happen to be doing, eating, shooting, etc!

We had so much fun, and we’d like to thank Pornhub Aria for allowing us to take over their SnapChat for the day! Hopefully we can do this again soon! 🙂



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