Sexy SnapChat Saturday! July 4th

Hey everyone!

Sexy SnapChat Saturdays is now a weekly event where we take you along through our workday, snapping sexy pictures along the way! If you’ve missed previous weeks’ posts, you can check them out here! To join in on future Saturdays add “sexy_saffron” on SnapChat!


IMG_0139 IMG_0140 Started the day off with some silly face-less snaps! I grew a huge amount of spinach and the leaves grew to be bigger than my face!






Before jumping into the shower, I excitedly jumped around! I love Sexy SnapChat Saturdays! 🙂


IMG_0144 More before shower shots. Dennis loves when I turn around and show him my little thigh gap.







One last silly before-shower snap. My hair is getting so long!


Fresh and clean from the shower, I couldn’t resist giving Dennis a blowjob.


I almost forgot that it was the 4th of July!



So much cum!


I always make sure to take care of Dennis by cleaning him up with baby wipes after a blowjob.


We had a lot of computer work to do that day (we’re so behind on editing our videos!) so we didn’t snap anything else until later that night. We thought since we were to busy to celebrate Canada day it would be a great idea to celebrate with our American fans instead! Absinthe is awesome!


Pretty much no matter what I’m up to I always have to have my hand on Dennis’ cock 😛

We turned on some music and got the party started!

Which of course lead to more sexy times!




And that’s where we ended the night! We proceeded to get more tipsy and smoke some weed while watching silly cartoons and listening to music. It was a great night!

We had tons of fun snapping with you guys!  If you’d like to join us live on Sexy SnapChat Saturdays, or would like to see all the other sexy things we post throughout the week, follow us on SnapChat – ‘sexy_saffron’!


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