Sexy SnapChat Saturday! July 11th

Hey everyone!

Sexy SnapChat Saturdays is now a weekly event where we take you along through our workday, snapping sexy pictures along the way! If you’ve missed previous weeks’ posts, you can check them out here! To join in on future Saturdays add “sexy_saffron” on SnapChat!


We spent a lazy morning in bed for a change this Saturday, so we began snapping at lunch! I love eating healthy food! Every week I make a big batch of soup, this week it’s chicken, tomato, lentil, carrot, potato, corn, quinoa soup with fresh snow peas from my garden!





IMG_0172 IMG_0171

After lunch we took a break to play a couple matches of Magic The Gathering! It’s one of my favourite games! I totally beat Dennis!







Finally I got down to work! We shot Stroking To The Beat episode 4, and turned it into another triple cum blowjob! 🙂

Can you guess? It’s the red one 😛



I’ve got super sensitive skin, and having so many loads on my face for so long caused a little redness. But don’t worry, it didn’t hurt! And I can’t wait to be covered again 😉







We took it a little easy this Saturday since we’ve been hard at work all week trying to catch up to our editing and uploading schedule! We had a good time snapping with you guys though, so I hope you enjoyed it too!

If you’d like to join us live on Sexy SnapChat Saturdays, or would like to see all the other sexy things we post throughout the week, follow us on SnapChat – ‘sexy_saffron’!




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