Caught Masturbating Step Sister Blowjob

Oh no! Brother don’t you knock? No, don’t look at what I was watching! Yes, it is a sister blowjob video, you weren’t supposed to see that! But now that you know my secret, why don’t we have a secret together big brother? You see, I’ve never given a blowjob before, and I think you’d be the perfect person to test my skills on!

In this taboo step sister blowjob video, you catch me masturbating to Ass Teasing Step Sister Blowjob, and I’m so embarrassed! I tell you I’ve had a crush on you ever since our parents got married, and I’ve been dying to give my first blowjob! So I unzip your pants, and tease your cock with my tongue curiously. Before long I’m entranced and bobbing my head on your cock passionately! I can’t help but touch myself under my jeans as I suck you! What I love about blowjob videos, I tell you, is when the girl gets down on her knees and makes the guy cum a huge load all over her face! So I do just that, and you give me the biggest facial I’ve ever seen!

Length: 18 Minutes


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Step Sister Sucks & Swallows Before Her Date

Hey step brother! What do you think of this outfit for my date tonight? Do you think my skirt is too short? What’s that face you’re making! Are you jealous? Oh you’re so jealous! I can see you’re already hard for me! Don’t worry step brother! Just because I’m going on a date doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you! You know you’re my dirty little secret!

In this taboo step sister blowjob video, I show off my slutty outfit to you, my older step brother, and give you a sensual blowjob! I tease your cock with my tongue, while telling you how I’ll never forget our special relationship! I tell you that I don’t have a lot of time before my date so I’ll need to make you cum fast, and since I can’t have you ruining my makeup, I’ll make you cum in my mouth!

Length: 11 Minutes


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Innocent Little Step-Sister Blowjob

I’m so glad you let me move in with you big brother! I was worried you wouldn’t want your little step-sister hanging around, cramping your style! We’re going to have so much fun! Hey, I’m going to get changed into my nightie, want to smoke a joint and watch tv tonight? Ok, so I know I probably shouldn’t be talking to you about this stuff since you’re my big step-brother… but now I think I can… there’s this boy I like at university, but the problem is… I don’t really know what to do with a guy’s… do I need to say it? His penis! I don’t really know what to do to make him happy! Could you walk me through it? Let’s use this remote to pretend! So I just lick the tip like this? This feels good? Awesome! Thank you so much big brother! Oh, it looks like you’re getting a little hard there yourself! I didn’t mean to tease you like that! I didn’t think anything of it since you’re my big brother! I didn’t know you thought of me like that! I’ve been so bad! Let me make it up to you with a long, slow, sensual blowjob…

*In this 40 minute long taboo roleplay video, I play your innocent little step-sister, who can’t help but tease you with my skimpy outfits and slutty shenanigans! I walk around wearing barely anything, and need your help learning how to give a blowjob, only to find out that you secretly think I’m hot! Of course, I have to make up for being such a bad little step-sister, so I get down in front of you and give you an excruciatingly long sensual blowjob until you explode!*

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Big Brother Little Sister Roleplay


Let’s play pretend!… I’m your naughty little sister who loves to watch you stroke your hard cock every night… dreaming of you crawling into my bed at night and pushing aside my little pink panties to stick your huge throbbing cock inside my tight little wet pussy. Watch as I describe all the naughty fun we could get up to… it makes me so horny I just can’t help to run my little pussy over my pink panties. Partial nudity.

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