Schoolgirl Double Cum Hitachi Blowjob!

My mom is so strict! She never usually allows me to have boys in my room! The only reason you’re even allowed here is because she knows I have to tutor you! Ugh, she’s such a hypocrite too! She never lets me wear make up even though she does all the time! And she smokes too! Want to see something I stole from her room…? It’s a sex toy! She’s such a slut, right? Well, I tried it out too…does that make me a slut? You probably like sluts, don’t you…? It’s a pretty effective little machine, I must say…want me to show you? Just promise not to tell anyone at school! 

In this schoolgirl roleplay video I play with your cock with a Hitachi Magic Wand! I playfully lick up drop after drop of your precum as the Hitachi vibrates your cock in my mouth! The vibrator is so powerful that I make you cum TWICE! You shoot your loads straight into my mouth so I can swirl it around and savor your delicious juices! I make sure to lick up every drop off my fingers and your cock so as not to waste any! All the while my bare feet flex and wrinkle in the air behind me!

Length: 30 Minutes


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Naughty Schoolgirl Gives Virgin Friend Blowjob Demonstration

You know how I’ve been playing with your cock everyday after school for a while now? Well my friend Lacey over here has never even seen a cock before! She’s curious about what it’s like to give a blowjob – do you mind if she watches?

In this naughty schoolgirl blowjob lesson video I demonstrate my blowjob skills to Lacey, showing her how much fun it is to lick, suck and tease a cock! I start slow, showing her how I love to tease the sensitive underside with my fingertips and tongue, then I start to stroke faster, showing her how to wrap her fingers around the base to make your cock pulse and throb! When you get close to cumming, I invite Lacey to sit next to me so she gets a close-up view of you shooting a huge load of cum right onto my tongue! I happily lick up every drop that missed my mouth- including some on Lacey’s fingers- and swirl the cum in my mouth before finally swallowing it all!

Length: 12 Minutes


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Naughty Schoolgirl Gives Teacher a Ruined Orgasm

Hello Professor, you wanted to see me? Oh what’s this? Pictures of me giving a blowjob huh? Did you like what you saw? Now what? Oh you’re going to tell the principal and have me expelled unless I give you a blowjob? Alright, fine. Did you like watching me give that boy a blowjob? Wishing it was your cock that I was sucking? Now it is, but you had to blackmail me for it! You better delete those pictures after this! You love my young mouth on your old cock, don’t you? Oops, did I ruin your orgasm? Good! Now I’m going to make sure that you’ll never try to get me expelled again!

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Naughty Schoolgirl Tease and Denial

You need a real young girl like me, don’t you… well I’m gonna make you need it more! How about… you start stroking your cock for me… How does it feel, with your hands wrapped around your shaft, watching me, but knowing you’ll never have me? You know, I really know how to please a man… but you’ll never feel, what it feels like, to have my soft, warm, lips wrapped around your shaft… You’ll never feel what it feels like to have my tongue… teasing and tasting your cock… How does it feel, to know this is the closest you’ll ever get? Does it make you ache?

*In this excruciatingly long 43 minute video I play a naughty young school girl who knows exactly how you like to be teased and denied. I sensually lick my lollipop just as I would your cock, but you know you’ll never get to be my lollipop. I love how frustrated that must make you! I know you’re stroking your cock while watching me strip off my school girl uniform, but that’s all you can do, and I’m going to remind you of that fact over and over…*


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I Want a Taste of Your Cock

Hmmmm…I’m bored of my iPad…this gum doesn’t taste good anymore…I want to taste your cock instead!

In this sensual blowjob video I play a cute bratty school girl who loves to lick up your precum! I gently kiss and lick just the sensitive underside of your cock, milking out every last drop of precum. My bare feet scrunch and flex in the air, giving you a nice view of my wrinkled soles!

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JOI- It Turns Me On When You Stroke Your Cock For Me!


I heard you like stroking your cock while you watch me… don’t be embarrassed! It turns me on so much to know how much you find me attractive… how about you take that cock out for me and I’ll tell you how I want to see you stroke it…as I get undressed and touch myself for you! Features: Jerk off instruction, Jerk off encouragement, Stripping, School girl outfit, foot fetish- stinky feet/stockings, panty fetish,

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Naughty School Girl Sucks, Fucks And Gets A Big Facial


This naughty schoolgirl got caught sucking off boys on school property, and there’s only one way I know how not to get expelled… I resisted at first, but riding my professor’s cock gave me such a huge orgasm that I just had to get on my knees and return the favor by letting him shoot his gigantic load all over my pretty face!

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Masturbation for Step-Daddy


As I’m getting ready for school step-daddy comes into my room to talk with me. He sits very close to me and I can tell what he’s thinking about. He watches as I get ready for school, and I tease him by bending over and spreading my legs. I get so turned on by daddy that I start touching myself! After I cum I beg daddy to cum all over my face! Solo masturbation roleplay video. No men or cum involved.

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